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2 Via di San Niccolò
Firenze, Toscana, 50125



Aiuti PMI Update

Tommaso Melani

Stefano Bemer Srl Bando "Aiuti alle micro, piccole e medie imprese (MPMI) per l'internazionalizzazione"  Operazione CUP 1540.22032016.092000291 denominata                    “FLORENCE USA ”

Stefano Bemer Srl Project co-financed under Tuscany  Por Fesr 2014-2020 CUP 1540.22032016.092000291 known as  “FLORENCE USA ”

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How a shoe should fit...

Tommaso Melani

From our FAQ:



A shoe should be tight at the back and not at the front. It should hold the rear of the foot firmly, to stop it from slipping in and towards the toe box, and provide enough room at the front for the toes to move. In our opinion, it's therefore the instep that determines most of the comfort and correct fit of the shoe (given that the heel cup fits you perfectly, of course), as it's the movement of the foot that causes rubbing and blisters on the heel or ankle, and can cause discomfort to the toes by allowing the foot to slide forward. When deciding which size of shoe to buy, therefore, make sure the ankle is held tightly around the opening of the shoe and that there is a little space between the faces while the lacing is tighter than you are used to. Once the shoe "moulds" around your foot, it will give and generate further space, so you'd better be on the tight side when you first wear it.

Permanent Style's review on Stefano Bemer's Bespoke...

Tommaso Melani



These bespoke oxfords from Stefano Bemer are the best fitting shoes I have ever owned. The zenith of - from a fit point of view - everything that bespoke should be. 

Bespoke is not an easy process, in any field. It is as much psychology as physiology. But when you've got it bang on, it is uniquely satisfying.

Suddenly it feels very strange when (as I did today) you put on a pair of ready-made shoes and they are not sculpted to your foot. They feel like they were made for someone else. 

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Stefano Bemer & Permanent Style Young Tailors Symposium

Tommaso Melani

This Wednesday we held the 4th Stefano Bemer Symposium, organized with and chaired by Permanent Style, during the week of Pitti Uomo. Our topic for this event was young tailors, and we featured a panel of the world's top young tailoring talent discussing what drives them and how they ended up where they are. It was a full house yet again, and attendees had a chance to meet the panelists and ask questions as well as see a line up of suiting fabric options. The evening was capped off with Chianina beef burgers from a Tuscan farm and plenty of wine.

We hope you are able to join us at our next event!