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There is nothing more specific and unique than a single human being.

There is nothing more specific and unique than a single human being. We all have our own sense of style, perception of comfort and, last but not least, sense of appreciation towards certain details and services. Furthermore, there is nothing more unique than the human foot.

Approximately 25% of all the human bones are located in the feet. In the course of a lifetime, a person will walk 115,000 miles on average - that is equivalent to walking around the earth four times. At the end of a day, a person places hundreds of tons of weight on their feet just from walking. Given the importance of our feet we take the fit of our shoes seriously. For this reason, we have developed different lines of products in order to meet all kinds of demands and expectations. If asked, we would normally say that our RTW and MTO (Classica Collection)  lines are 90% bespoke with most custom desires met -- same materials, components, technique, option of customizations, packaging -- but that 10% means the world if you need it. Enter our Bespoke lines:

— Bespoke

Our signature service is the Sixpence Bespoke. It gets the name from the antique sixpence silver coin that we place in the box as a token of luck, according to an ancient Scottish tradition. It allows a full customization of each detail of the last and shoe and it normally comes with our signature fiddle back waist, that we call "the violin". Our Sixpence Bespoke service currently starts at €3,650 Euros plus €600 Euros for the custom last (a one time fee for the creation of your specific last which can be used and modified for a lifetime at no extra charge). USD: $4,400 + $700.



  • Step 1
    Fitting: Tracing and measuring of both feet plus evaluation of physiognomy and posture.
  • Step 2
    Re-fitting (8 weeks after the Fitting) and Specs (final choice of pattern, leather, color and other customisations).
  • Step 3
    Delivery (8/12 weeks after the Re-Fitting).