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It all started with John Lobb!

It all started with John Lobb!

If Stefano Bemer shoes are regarded as one of the highest expressions in the world of shoemaking, one could say it is thanks to John Lobb, in more than one way…

Chapter one: 1980, Stefano, a pair of Lobb and a hole in the sole…

A young Stefano Bemer’s first experience in the world of dress shoes for men was in a small cobbler’s workshop in Greve in Chianti, where he would become an apprentice repairing shoes. There, in the heart of the Tuscan wine country, one serendipitous day he got his hands on a pair of Lobb shoes brought in with a hole in the sole. Given his reverence for the brand, he carefully cut out the sole, exposed the insole, and meticulously examined the welting… In that moment he decided he would become a bespoke shoemaker!

He taught himself the infinite variations of shoemaking by first repairing shoes, then attending courses and workshops, and finally mastering his own technique and sense of style in both shaping lasts and creating patterns.

In 1983 he opened his own workshop in Florence with a goal no less ambitious than to create the perfect “Su misura” Italian shoes, blending sleek lines, masculine materials and impeccable craft.

Thanks to Stefano Bemer’s commitment, that pair of worn-out Lobbs back in 1980 turned into a brand name that is both closely associated with the highest standard of elegance and quality and by many reputed to be the creator of the best Italian shoes for men.


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