Stefano Bemer’s Stories, Notions and Emotions in Pills.

An anthology-in-the-making around and about the many things we learned and know about shoes, shoemaking and aiming to excellence.
  • There is no one silver bullet…but hundreds of lead ones!

    Master shoemakers at Stefano Bemer have long passed that threshold…

  • The Replica and the immortal life of Russia Calf.

    Since the Seventeenth Century, Russia Calf has been considered the highest expression of the classic “Cuoio” leather for boots and shoes. 

  • It all started with John Lobb!

    Chapter one: 1980, Stefano, a pair of Lobb and a hole in the sole

  • It all started with John Lobb!

    Chapter two: Tommaso and his obsession for that legendary double monk…

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