• The refinement of relaxed look for "half seasons".

    “Le mezze stagioni” ("half seasons") may have gotten shorter and shorter, but in a sunny fresh day in early April the Navy Cotton Polo alone won’t be enough to shelter you from the last wind blows...
  • Houndstooth: a classic, dressed down!

    The warm and “busy” design makes it belong to the more casual part of the tailoring spectrum, so we paired it with...
  • Wearing Blue

    Take a walk around Florence with us. Shades of blue on a cloudy day! English Tweed Jacket, Italian Wool overcoat and Corduroy trousers to compliment the grey stone and cobblestone and contrast the ocre of the city building...

  • Brown Chukka Boot, Yellow Velvet Trousers and Plaid Wool Jacket

    Crafted with the utmost attention to detail and made with the finest quality suede leather, these Chukka boots offer both style and comfort that will last for years to come...

  • Brown Jodhpur Boot and Classic Ulster Coat in Dark Brown Casentino Wool

    Whether you're looking to elevate your wardrobe or simply add a touch of classic style to your everyday look, the Brown Jodhpur Boot and the Classic Ulster Coat in Dark Brown Casentino Wool is the perfect choice...

  • Hatched Dark Brown Calfskin Chukka Boot and Brown Partridge Eye Unstructured Jacket

    When it comes to Chukka boots, smart casual and vintage looking are two of our most desirable features we keen in mind...
  • Suede Chukka Boots and Plaid Shetland Wool Jacket

    The different moments and occasions of life do not change you or your style, rather demand an adaptation, a fine tuning to the world and the circumstances around you. 

  • Museum Calf Oxfords and Orange Casentino

    Museum leather has a beautiful marbled look with the variation in the dark and light dye pattern and creates a stunning dimension to leather goods. Conceived with the aim of mocking what normally happens to high quality leather shoes after years of careful refurbishment with wax and brush, the museum is a shortcut into a well lived-in look, taking shape with a semi-brogue Oxford cap toe.
    The ulster coat is a unique and stylish piece of outerwear that combines the traditional style of an ulster coat with a modern twist of the Casentino wool colors. This coat is made with high-quality casentino wool and crafted by the renowned Florentine heritage tailoring skills of Sartoria Vestrucci. 
  • There is no one silver bullet…but hundreds of lead ones!

    Master shoemakers at Stefano Bemer have long passed that threshold…

  • The Replica and the immortal life of Russia Calf.

    Since the Seventeenth Century, Russia Calf has been considered the highest expression of the classic “Cuoio” leather for boots and shoes. 

  • It all started with John Lobb!

    Chapter one: 1980, Stefano, a pair of Lobb and a hole in the sole

  • It all started with John Lobb!

    Chapter two: Tommaso and his obsession for that legendary double monk…