Shoemaking and tailoring, to us, isn’t about quantity. When we create, we prioritize quality and relationships in order to ensure both are long-lasting.
Committed to playing a pivotal role as an innovator, designer and visionary, Stefano Bemer ensures client’s expectations are precisely met, and ultimately exceeded. We treat both our Bespoke and Ready-to-Wear collections with the highest regard.

We aim to breathe new life into “classic” style, preserving the artisanal tradition of bespoke shoemaking while reinvigorating the role of craftsmanship in Ready-to-Wear lines.

In bringing “bespoke quality” into the realm of Pret-a-Porter, Stefano Bemer sets an example of transparency and authenticity in creating a range of collections that not only aims to provide the best experience at each level, but also walks the customer through an educational journey of shoemaking and tailoring that leads to a more informed shopping experience.

While supreme quality is always expected in bespoke commissions, it isn’t always matched in the world of Ready to Wear offerings. Stefano Bemer hopes to become a benchmark for quality and style at each level of production, including our Ready to Wear lines.

So, what does all of this have to do with sustainability? It’s simple: we ethically and respectfully bring value to the client without stealing it from the environment or our community:

a) The leather we use for the uppers and soles of our shoes comes from deforestation-free, open range farms that are committed to the highest quality farming methods. This allows for extremely high quality raw leather material that significantly improves the longevity of the shoes.

b) The tanneries and mills we work with are constantly upgrading their methods to minimize emissions water use. Some of them, like our lifetime partner Conceria Presot, are nearly energetically and environmentally neutral already!

c) Our creations aren’t fused or glued, so we can reverse the production process and guarantee that our clients will always have access to our in-house repair and refurbishing service. This allows us to increase the life cycle of their products by decades. We are proud to say we’ve had clients send in their beloved shoes after more than 20 years of use!

We have also worked to improve the overall sustainability strategy of the brand through finer details:

d) The packaging we chose back in 1988 was inspired by wine cases and is made with organic Italian wood that is so beautiful we hope our clients keep them in their closet or re-use them.

e) We offset CO2 emissions from our shipments by planting trees with the support of

f) We use wood shoe trees that would never get tossed in a trash can.

g) We have banned the use of disposable plastic glasses and spoons in our stores so our employees and clients can enjoy an espresso without polluting the planet. We also diligently recycle all of our cardboard and paper.

h) We have chosen Dolomiti Energia for our power supply in Italy, because they are committed to produce power through renewable sources only.

Our efforts won’t end there, and we are always learning, growing, and looking for ways to be more gentle on the planet while providing the highest-quality products possible.