Made-to-Measure Offering

Sartoria Vestrucci offers clients an option to customize our Ready-to-Wear line through the Made-to-Measure service.
The aim of the Sartoria Vestrucci Pret a porter offering, since its conception, was to bring the authentic Florentine style and fit to a broader audience, thus breaking the narrow circle of the Su Misura insiders.
The Ready-to-Wear collection does that in our own eyes, but we also intended to bring the experience and flavor of a Sartoria Fiorentina, normally limited to the Bespoke line, into the picture. So we decided that we would make available to our clients not only the quality, style, fit and make of the Bespoke line (skillfully rendered into a RTM size) but also the range of options that any bespoke client is normally spoiled with…