SECOND STEPS, the Shoes trade in program by Stefano Bemer

How many times have you looked at your shoe closet and wished you could revamp your collection? How much has your taste for shoes changed over the years? Did you ever regret buying that pair that you barely wore a few times? This is your opportunity to turn back time, somehow!
At Stefano Bemer, we believe in respecting our planet and in the efficiency of the marketplace. One man’s junk is another’s treasure, they say! So, we’re creating a place where those less loved shoes can find a new, enthusiast owner and, at the same time, we’re giving you the opportunity to trade them in for a store credit that you can spend on Stefano Bemer shoes, clothing and accessories. Or even on our inventory of Second Steps shoes.
All the shoes we’ll be accepting will be carefully refurbished and reconditioned by our expert shoemakers with the same utter care and state of the art craftsmanship that we pour into the making of our own creations, to make sure that their next owner will be able to enjoy them for as much as they have left in them.
How does it work? It’s simple.
  • Send us an email at with detailed pictures of the shoes you would like to trade in.
  • We will send you a Stefano Bemer Store Credit offer and, if you accept it, labels to send us your trade-ins.
  • Spend the SB Store Credit at your convenience, within six months from the confirmation that your trade-ins were delivered to us. You can use the voucher on any item on our website, on our MTOs or Bespoke offering (please note that the SB Store Credit won’t be eligible to be used on special sale items). You can either use it to acquire shoes from our Second Steps inventory.
Notes: we will consider accepting trade-ins of RTW shoes of the following brands:
Saint Crispin
John Lobb
Yohei Fukuda
Edward Green
Paolo Scafora
Enzo Bonafe’
Norman Villalta
Gaziano & Girling
George Cleverly
Antonio Meccariello