The history and philosophy of Vestrucci

STORY, 1950
"I still remember my first jacket... it was in sale e pepe cloth. Mr Giuntini said it was time for me to have one and he cut it for me. Everyone working in Mr Giuntini's tailor house helped me, taking turns to show me and teach me how to make the pockets, the collar and the sleeves. I was so excited and thrilled that I would never stop working on it, even at night. I was twelve years old..."
"It took me ages to finish it, but when I finally did it, it was a masterpiece, or at least I thought it was and I couldn't wait to wear it!"
"I was ecstatic! I had reached an understanding, fine men's tailoring was what I wanted to do for the rest of my life! And so I did..."
Loris Vestrucci

The Vestrucci jacket is loyal to the most authentic Florentine tailoring: slightly extended shoulder, very soft shoulder padding, closed quarters. Overall, it conveys an impression of laidback elegance.
What they say about us:
  • "The Vestrucci shoulder is very lightly structured too, but note that it creates an impression of strength by being wider than necessary, running off the end of the wearer's natural shoulder. The lapel, meanwhile has a convex curve that lifts the eye and rolls it sideways.” (Simon Crompton)

  • The proportions of this suit are so perfect that you don’t notice them right away—they feel so correct you can’t imagine them any other way. For the man who is comfortable with his place in the world. (David Coggins)

  • One of Florence’s two great tailoring houses (the other being Liverano & Liverano) Sartoria Vestrucci is rapidly becoming the tailor of choice for that breed of jet setting, globe trotting playboy that always comes off as the most handsome man in the room. The secret is in Vestrucci’s construction which is an incendiary tight rope act between sculptural formalism and degage deconstructed virtuosity. You could sleep in your Vestrucci wake up proceed to the nearest water hole frequented by Haute Monde demoiselles and seduce them all with the nonchalant effortless charm of clothing that enables you to glide panther like through the night. (Wei koh)

  • The Vestrucci man has an ease. What I love about this character, is the lack of pretence. He is authentic to himself and has no desire to be flashy. He’s not trying to be photographed, just has a subtle subconscious knowledge that /the suit fits like a glove. (Jonathan Pryce)