Stefano Bemer is…
Stefano Bemer started his company in 1983 with a goal no less ambitious than creating the perfect Italian shoe. Through his curiosity, he taught himself the infinite variations of shoemaking by first repairing shoes, then attending courses and workshops, and finally mastering his own technique in the way it is recognized and appreciated today. Thanks to Stefano’s commitment, the brand name became closely associated with the highest standard of Italian elegance and quality, and today, is synonymous with both style and refinement. Although many would say his goal has been accomplished, for us this is just the beginning.
Perfection is an ongoing quest! This constant journey is best represented by the ten months Stefano Bemer spent teaching Daniel Day-Lewis – a man known for his meticulous approach to his craft – the art of shoemaking. Their shared passion for their respective art forms brought them together: Mr. Day-Lewis doesn’t simply play a role, he becomes his character.

Stefano Bemer is not a business. It’s an ongoing adventure that blends passion, quality, tradition, style and identity.

Our Style
In 2013, Stefano Bemer entered its second phase of development, following Mr. Bemer’s legacy and vision on a greater stage through an exclusive shoe making training program, the finest bespoke shoemaking, an unparalleled made-to-order line, and a perfectly crafted ready-to-wear collection, all reflecting the same quality paradigm.

We create the best possible shoes using the best possible practices and materials, and we do it all in an antique chapel in Oltrarno that reflects the unique and exceptional nature of our stylings. We train our future craftsmen to grow with uncompromised commitment to our original mission, and we aim for perfection with every shoe we make.

This is the spirit of Stefano Bemer.

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