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We want to leave our mark on the history of shoemaking. Each of our creations is a statement that embodies our vision and values, and we believe people will look at shoes differently once they have experienced the work of Stefano Bemer.

We strongly encourage our clients to express their personal taste through our nearly unlimited offering of custom options and combinations, but we have also come to define a core set of one dozen shoes that we consider our signature House Style and a wonderful source of inspiration for clients who are exploring the bespoke experience for the first time.

Eccentric, understated

Stefano Bemer was born under the careful eye of an eccentric yet understated star, and our current designs remain loyal to that first incipit! Our creations are a personification of the man who started it all: elegant but never stiff; extravagant but never flashy; confident but never arrogant. Stefano Bemer is sophisticated without being pretentious, and meets the dress code without being conformant.

It's all in the details

All of our shoes feature special details that speak to our unique stylistic canon. The fine proportion between width and length of our shoe last creates a masculine, elegant silhouette that is highlighted by raising up high on the instep (a challenge not many shoemakers accept). Plus, extended cap toes and deep wings leave a generous portion of the toe box untouched, a statement that enhances the beauty of the exceptional leather we utilize for each of our designs. Flat wax cotton laces sit parallel, straight, and firm on the instep, almost as if they are embedded in the upper. And finally, to ensure our shoes stand out from the rest, we apply shoe creams and waxes and pack our creations in a signature wooden box (with a set of fresh lasted shoe trees, of course). Then, we glaze the toe box and heel just a touch to create a vibrant reflection.

Customers come to Stefano Bemer to enhance their personal style and stand out in a tasteful and memorable fashion. We will do whatever it takes to deliver an outstanding product and experience they will cherish forever.

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