Brown Document Bag

$ 1,950.00

We present you our 24-hour bag. It's convenient for an everyday business life, as well as for a short trip. This document bag has both a specialized compartment to fit in a laptop, as well as a large zipper pocket for essentials.

Dual-zipper closure, Internal big zipper pocket, Laptop compartments.

Dimensions: (W) 41 cm x (H) 31 cm x (D) 15 cm.

Made-to-Order item, 8-10 weeks delivery time.

Using the same highest quality leather of our shoes, our accessories are hand crafted for extended durability.

Material: American Hatched Calfskin

Product Code: Walnut Calf Document Bag

Color: Walnut

Free in case of size exchange or store credit. At customer's expenses in case of final return.

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