Brown Pebbled Tassel Loafer

$ 1,690.00

Brown Tassel loafer in Basketball leather with long, square apron stitch in Ecru color and split toe, all on a rubber sole.

Our handmade pebbled leather tassel loafers exude sophistication and style. The intricate pebble texture adds a unique touch to these classic shoes, while the tassel detail adds a touch of glamour. Handcrafted with the finest materials, these loafers are both comfortable and durable.

Material: Basketball Leather

Product Code: C1314

The TX last is the chisel-toe version of the T last, featuring the same accessible fit, especially for those customers that have a lower instep and tend to sider ball line width. The sharp edges of the toe box gives shoes made on this last a rather firm and masculine appeal.

Here is our Size Conversion Chart. If in doubt, here is a “Fitting Shoes” service: pick as many fitting shoes as you wish to try on and, when you receive them, we'll consult with you to assist choosing the right size and best fitting lasts for your foot, based on your feedback.

Free in case of size exchange or store credit. At customer's expenses in case of final return.

The first and best advice we can give is to always think of your shoes as an organic object, subject to elements and time alike everything else. Let them rest: after using your Stefano Bemer™ shoes for a day or two, let them rest for a day with their lasted shoe trees. Keep them clean: assuming the shoes rested at least over night, brush them off in the morning, when they are dry. Moisturize them as needed: leather, like our skin, tends to dry-up. We suggest regular use of a moisturizing shoe cream. Protect them: while shoe cream refurbishes colors and moisturizes the leather, our bees’ wax polish is intended to protect it from elements. We recommend to apply wax once the shoes have been completely moisturized and one shoe at a time. Respect them: sometimes, the word or assistance of an expert is required. If your shoes are not reacting properly to your maintenance routine, please feel free to consult with us. For a more detailed guidance to shoe care, please visit the Shoe Care section of this website.

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