EU Digital Product Passport

A few words 

The EU Digital Product Passport (EU DPP) is not yet an active regulation. The European Commission published the proposal for such a regulation late March 2022 as part of the EU Ecodesign (tbd). So far the process of releasing a final form is ongoing. But at Stefano Bemer we strongly believe in the intended goals of such a regulation and therefore appreciate being a frontrunner. We love transparency so that everyone may know how we love to make the best shoes.


The EU Digital Product Passport

Ecodesign from the beginning - where it all starts

Before we even source materials the very first step is the design. Timeless is our magic word to make our shoes attractive for a never ending life span. The sense of timeless design is the biggest key to a long life. It is the magic that opens up someone’s mood to be proud of a certain style that is express eternal and not fading within weeks.
"Slow fashion" is the style Stefano Bemer thinks in every single step.


Sourcing, Materials and Manufacturing

We source all the materials, our shoes consist of, from handpicked suppliers and give a transparency map providing some details. We don‘t disclose all names and details for reasons of data privacy and business competition, but we are happy to have everyone verify this with a proper protection for unintended disclosure.


Prolonging the shoe life span by proper care,
maintenance and repair

We love every single pair of shoes. Having found its owner we support every owner in a proper way of taking care. Please see here.

Good care makes shoes live longer, but as part of daily use, some material will fade off and need a professional maintenance from time to time. 

A little damage happens in everyone‘s daily routine, so we love to restore the shoes appearance by repairing them. We want them to be used as long as possible. Here you‘ll find a smooth and convenient way to call our services anywhere: we pick them up and send them back - for maintenance or for repairs.


One day it is time to say goodbye

But even then we beg for your attention: please NEVER throw them in the garbage. We are happy to collect the old one, disassemble them with proper responsibility, refurbish materials and recycle the leftover. No avoidable waste. None. That‘s our purpose. In the first view.

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