Stefano Bemer Sustainability Map

 To accomplish that, we use materials so precious that nobody would want to waste anyways.

Our leathers come from farms of such high quality that the animals are raised patiently and in open pastures to allow the proper maturation of the animal. The tanning and dying processes are of the highest quality and carefully regulated to have the lightest impact on the environment.

 Our shoes bags are ethically manufactured by a non profit that gives work opportunities to unprivileged and disabled workers.

Our boxes are made of farmed trees. And for whatever we could not think of, we offset CO2 by planting fruit trees in Africa, so that we help both the environment and also give a little help with building local rural communities. 

In a way, we were built  sustainable and we didn't have to fight hard to become so. We just perfected the innate virtuosity of artisanal products. 

Our shoes are made to last forever (or almost) and we resole and refurbish them multiple times in their lifetime, so they never become waste.

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