Blue Men's Houndstooth Blazer

$ 1,350.00

Blue Houndstooth jacket in medium weight wool. Three buttons rolled to two, slight "barchetta" breast pocket, welted pockets with flap

Mr Loris Vestrucci's last creation has been our 500 grams shirt-jacket that has no canvas nor padding whatsoever. The slighly set back shoulder seam and the particular intersection of the shoulder into the sleeve make possible the distinguishable line of the Florentine shoulder even without the traditional inner construction.

Dating sometime between 360 AD and 100 AC houndstooth originated in the Scottish lowlands near the Anglo Saxon border, that's why it's also called Border Tartan. As one of the more ancient tartan types, houndstooth is believed to have been created by non-clansman and originally made on a woven wool cloth.

Hanger and garment bag

Material: Italian Wool (250 grams)

Product Code: SV2075

A classic fit for a classy and relaxed look.

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