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It all started with John Lobb!

It all started with John Lobb!

If Stefano Bemer shoes are regarded as one of the highest expressions in the world of shoemaking, one could say it is thanks to John Lobb, in more than one way…

Chapter two: Tommaso and his obsession for that legendary double monk…

It was 1990 and a young Tommaso Melani, then just a freshman at Florence’s University of Economics, was marveling at the style of Milan’s young hot shots, or “Yuppies” as they were called then, with their Armani suits, Rolex watches (worn over the cuff, like The Avvocato Agnelli!), bespoke shirts, Bottega Veneta briefcases and John Lobb shoes (he particularly admired the Double Monk strap shoes) — all symbols of achievement for an entire generation.

Tommaso bought his first pair of Lobbs two years later in a Florentine brick & mortar, but the experience had not been what he expected. There was only one pair available in his size, and it wasn’t the color he was hoping for. The second visit wasn’t any more fruitful… “but  this is Prêt-à-Porter - he was told by the salesman at his frustration — not Su misura”…

When, in 2012, Tommaso got involved with Stefano Bemer, he came with the clear idea that there was a void to fill in the customer experience of luxury Ready-to-Wear lines — and that there was also significant room for improvements in the quality offered. Ready-to-Wear was always treated by the industry as secondary to Bespoke, a cash cow revenue stream maximizing profit with minimum effort.

While leading Stefano Bemer’s expansion into the Ready-to-Wear market, Tommaso spared no resources in improving Customer Experience (allowing for almost every customization otherwise reserved for bespoke) and quality (using the same exact materials and technique for both Bespoke and Ready-to-Wear items). His formation of a fully handmade and hand-sewn Ready-to-Wear shoe with a narrow fiddleback shank and metal toe taps – first in the industry – sets a new standard in the market and leaves nothing to be desired in comparison to the Bespoke line.

Stefano Bemer is now synonymous with style and refinement in both Bespoke and Ready-to-Wear with, somehow, both endeavours starting with an aspiring to a pair of Lobbs.

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