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There is no one silver bullet…but hundreds of lead ones!

There is no one silver bullet…but hundreds of lead ones!

Malcom Gladwell’s “10.000 hours rule” indicates that greatness requires enormous time. Time and personal commitment are the compulsory means of how expert performers acquire their superior performance. Master shoemakers at Stefano Bemer have long passed that threshold…

Work, work, work! There is an easy way and a hard way to shoemaking. In order to match and exceed the expectations of the most sophisticated shoe aficionados, we have long ago decided to go for the hard way…!

One doesn’t become a great shoemaker overnight. The finest examples of men’s leather dress shoes are the result of an extended, deliberate, and high concentration practice beyond one's comfort zone, which allows for the development of skills that are indisputably above average. We, at Stefano Bemer, aim to excellence in what we do and that is what is expected of us. As Jean Giraudoux once said, “Only the mediocre are always at their best.” 

It takes an average of 100 work hours to complete a pair of bespoke shoes, assuming you know very well what to do, of course!

Approximately 40 hours are devoted to the creation of the last and the designing of a compatible pattern. Another 10 hours are then spent on the making of the test fitting shoe. The remaining 50 hours are necessary to cut the leather, sew and last the upper, stitch the welt, stitch the sole onto the welt, stack and level the heels, inlay the metal taps, buff the sole, wax and shine the shoes and insert the clean socks. 

The Tradizione Collection, our bespoke-like quality Ready-to-Wear line, only differs in the preparation. Since we already have developed lasts and patterns, it requires approximately 40 work hours from the cutting to the finished product, equivalent to the hours spent on a final bespoke shoe. With the ambition of setting a new standard for Ready-to-Wear men’s dress shoes, we cut no corners and take no shortcuts but rather deploy the full extent of our highest-level skills. That’s how we get it done! 

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